Dey Young started sculpting at Scripps College under the tutelage of the renowned sculptor Aldo Casanova in 1977, and then continued to work with Maryanne Devine at the University of Judaism.  Now she works at the Teale St. Sculpture Studio.  In spite of her training, she considers her sculptural expression to be a gift. Dey works in stone, clay and bronze.  She has always been very attracted to the human form and tries to evoke its most graceful, sensuous and soaring aspirations in her pieces.


Dey is also an actress, appearing in numerous movies and T.V. series.  However, she claims, “I have always loved acting because it is an exciting, collaborative art form but the older I have become the more I crave my time sculpting. I feel totally fulfilled when it’s just me and the stone.  It has been a unique creative experience for me because I am doing it solely as an expression of my creativity. Other than myself there is no one else to whom I am accountable.  It is a bonus and a blessing when people respond to my work.”



Dey Young Art

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Beverly Hills Affair in the Garden 2007

Earl McGrath Gallery
December 9th, 2005 through January 14th 2006

LACMA Special Projects 2005-2006

LACMA's Art and Architecture Tour 2006

L.A. Farm Restaurant

University of Judaism

Arcona Studio

Robert Cunningham Group Show



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